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The crunching of booted feet caught her attention, then a huge figure stalked down the line.  The behemoth in BDUs had to be Commander McCabe.  Chancing a glance, Harlow peeked out of the corner of her eyes at the approaching Commander and her heart stopped.  Mouth falling open to help her suck in a breath, her hands began to tremble.  She didn’t dare blink.  It was him!  That night, the masquerade!  It was him


Standing straighter, she leaned back slightly hoping he wouldn’t notice her, knowing that even if he looked straight at her, he couldn’t know it was her.  There was no way she’d be recognizable like this.  Hell, she hadn’t even taken her mask off the night they’d been together.


Straightening, she threw caution to the wind and turned her head slightly to get a better look.  She had to know, had to be certain!


Beside her, Josef hissed quietly, but she ignored it as she studied the Walker stalking down the line toward her.   Fuuuuuuck!  Definitely him!  Definitely fucking him!


He strode down the line with confidence and authority, and Harlow prayed enough time had passed that he’d forgotten that night.  That exquisite unforgettable night!


Chin held high, chest puffed out, he was mere feet from her and her heart was pounding like a jack hammer.  A few steps later and he passed right in front of her. Harlow held her breath.  A few more steps and she released that breath in relief.  Thank God!


Then, it happened.  The Commander came to a hard stop, like he’d slammed into a brick wall and her gaze jerked to him.  He stood stock still for several tense moments before his head whipped around, shocked eyes landing on her.  She’d broken protocol, and they stood staring at each other until his face twisted with rage.




“Fall out!” he boomed. 


Without hesitation everyone hurriedly filed from the field.  Harlow ducked her head and tried to follow, but strong hands grabbed her from behind.  In the blink of an eye, she was jerked around.   The Commander’s hand wrapped around her throat as his big body stepped forward and pressed into hers.


“What in the hell have you done,” he snarled, eyes flashing dangerously. 


Harlow tried to deny it.  “I don’t know what you’re…”  She didn’t get to finish.  She was up over his shoulder with her ass in the air before she could even blink, then the ground was moving beneath them at such a fast rate, she was getting queasy from the motion.


Moments later they entered what she thought were her barracks.  When he lifted her off his shoulder and righted her, she realized they were in a barracks, but it wasn’t hers.  She assumed it was his.  The Commanders.


“What is your name?” he barked.


“H-Harlow.  Harlow, Sir!”  She didn’t look at him, her eyes pinned forward as she tried her best to stand at attention despite her trembling limbs.


The Commander’s head fell back and his chest heaved before a rolling growl rattled his chest and filled the room. He didn’t look at her as he snarled, “EnemyHunter?” 


“Y-yes.  Yes, Sir.”


And suddenly he was back on her. The same hand was around her throat, while the other gripped her ass, lifting until her back was pressed into the wall, her legs resting on either side of his hips. But this wasn’t sexual as much as it was aggressive.  He wasn’t hurting her though, and she was relieved for that.


“Did Mason put you up to this?”


His words were so enraged, so vicious, that she felt fear flood her veins.  “N-no,” she whispered, locking her eyes on his.  “No!” She stated more firmly.  “He had nothing to do with it.  And it wasn’t some nefarious plan.  How could I know I’d ever see you again, that you’d be here?  That you were a Walker?”


“Let me guess,” he scowled.  “You go spreading those pretty little legs for any man that spills champagne on your luscious tits.”


That had her struggling in his grip, but stilling just as quickly when her grunts, and his power as he held her against the wall, reminded her too much of how they’d fucked.  Heat flooded her belly and Harlow grabbed the wrist of the hand at her throat.  “Put me down,” she demanded angrily. 


Anger twisted his features, he held her trapped against the wall for long seconds, both of them glaring at each other, before he finally relented. 


He released her throat first, stepping back quickly as she dropped to the ground, but it wasn’t quickly enough.  She felt the unmistakable bar of his hardened cock as she slid down his frame and it rubbed against her sex, sending a punch of unwanted lust shooting through her.


Remy’s nostrils flared, and his expression darkening further.  “Really?” He asked in disgust.


Harlow’s eyes snapped to the front of his BDU’s, where his pants were tented.  “Really?” She asked mockingly, before turning to leave the room, but his words halted her.


“You’re dismissed from training.”

Remy: Skin Walkers book 10

SKU: 9781530251629
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