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My Wolvez!  How have you all been?  Things in MT are heavy.  If you follow me on FB, you know Mama Wolf had heart surgery a few days ago.  She is staying with me for recovery and is doing well.  Thank you to all who sent up prayers.  My eldest sister, Angie, finds out more info on her breast cancer today.  I got zero sleep last night and can’t imagine how she and her family got through the night.  She came home for Mama’s surgery (against the doctor’s wishes) but she’s now back home in North Carolina.  We’ve all been praying hard and putting positivity out into the universe.  Fingers crossed, Wolvez, fingers crossed.

In writing news, I’m working on finishing up Titans: Adrik.  I’ve also been working on Skin Walkers: Sha and have been debating putting another book out before Sha to clear up some of the things happening at StoneCrow post Jenny’s expulsion.  Not sure if I want to include that in Sha…it might be too much going on.  Still undecided.  Thoughts?  Oh…never mind.  Dumb question, right?  If you all have the choice between one Skin Walker book or two, I’m pretty sure I know the answer, LOL.

In some good news…well, good news for me, I’ve dropped a shift at the restaurant.  Sooooooo, I’ve now got a three-day weekend which means I have one WHOLE day to dedicate to writing, which I would love to be my main focus.  With luck, this will mean more books in faster sequence. 

Thank you all for sticking with me this long.  My Wolvez have always been there through ups and downs, dry spells, and everything, and I appreciate you for it.  I love you, Stalkerazzi. - Alpha She      

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