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Skin Walkers: Legion is up for pre-sale.  Get your copy under my 'Buy Now' tab.



Your girl is back, beitchezzzz!  As you know, I’ve been absent a minute, but I’m digging my way up.  This year is gonna be my year, Stalkerz.  Thank you to those of you who stuck with me through all the dark shit.  I appreciate your loyalty more than words can express.  I’m going to finish SW: Legion by January 31st even if it’s the last fucking thang I do.  Stay tuned, my peeps!  Ahwooooooooo!



Stalkerz and Wolvez:  How have you been, my pack?  Life in the Greatness is finally shifting to spring which has been so delayed that I was almost reluctant to even hope.  Yet, the sunshine has arrived!!!  With it, a new evolution for me.  I’ve rejoined the work force.  Nothing big, just waiting tables at my favorite restaurant.  Amazon has been taking a bigger and bigger cut from authors and unfortunately, it’s forced many of us from our writing careers.  This means less writing time for me and ultimately less books for you, but I gotta do what I’m forced to do.  I hope you stick with me.  I’ve got so much more to come in my Skin Walkers, Territory, Lion’s Pride, and stand alones.  SW: Legion will be my next release.  I’m working on it as my work schedule permits.  I get called into work a lot so on the days I think I’m going to write I end up waiting tables.  Ugh!  Just wanted to give you a quick update so you didn’t think I fell off the face of the earth.  I appreciate you all.  Stick with your girl, I got more coming for you.

Ahwooooooo! ----------------------------------------------------------------


Stalkerz and Wolvez, what it do?  It’s been a min since I blogged, so I thought I’d give y’all an update. 

If you missed it, book 1 in the Keepers series, Force, dropped in December.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Currently, I’m working on SW: Legion while Lohan keeps trying to drag my attention to Lion’s Pride book 3, Deacon.  Christ, I haven’t even finished book 2 yet but you know my muse (eye roll). 

Spring has officially sprung here in the Greatness.  By spring, I mean it’s 44 degrees and snow is expected Tuesday but my irises are coming in, LOL! 

I hope you all aren’t struggling too much with this inflation and shitty wage situation.  Bezos is screwing authors over too.  Income for authors has decreased dramatically because Amazon…well, it’s a long story but they are taking advantage of authors.  I wonder if they know that writers are God’s people.  We didn’t choose this career, it chose us.  We’re conduits of inspired thought to gift the masses with a few simple hours of joy.  Only a demon would actively work to prevent that from happening.

….okay, that was a little deep and uncalled for, LOL.  Anyway, it’s Friday and I woke up feeling off.  Something funny in the air, I guess. 

SW: Legion is coming soon.  I’ll find a place (maybe FB or here to start teasing you all).  TTYS (Talk To Ya Soon ;o)




Well, Force: Keepers book 1 is finally live!!!!  You can get it on this site under the Buy Now tab or on Amazon.  I hope you all enjoy this one.  It’s got crossover into the Skin Walker world.  I’m sorry it took me so long to get it out.  Now that it’s up, I’m not sure if I’m going straight into SW: Legion or if I’m going to squeeze in Titans: Adrik first.  You can read an excerpt about Adrik under the Coming Soon tab. 

Happy holidayz to you all.  Thank you for sticking with me through this last year.  If you know…you know.  Merry Christmas, Stalkerz and Wolvez.  I hope Santa brings you your heart’s desire!


Went hunting with my pack on the 1st of November and I don’t know what happened, or what it did, but I feel….GOOD!  I’ve been waking up early every day, actually showering every day.  I’m almost afraid to say that I feel like my funk is lifting.  I’ve even been writing!  EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I kinda feel like the old me.  Which means that I’ve got a lot to make up for.


Stay tuned, my Stalkerz and Wolvez, your prayers are working.  AlphaShe is coming back!!!! 



Stalkerz and Wolvez, I am writing to apologize.  I’ve left you hanging for….well, almost a year now.  You all know I had a bunch of medical stuff going on, which I’m thankfully over now (knock on wood) but I’m still having trouble concentrating.  This has been my first experience with depression and Christ!  I thought once you were over it, you were over it.  Guess not.  It just keeps coming in waves and messing me up and I know that’s no excuse, but I just can’t shake this impending sense of doom.  It’s hard to concentrate on work when you don’t feel like it’s gonna matter but I’m gonna do my best to shake this off and get back to work.  I am bound and determined to get Force: Keepers 1 out THIS month!  It’s so stinking close…  I just want to say that I’m sorry for all of you who feel ghosted, ignored, overlooked.  It’s on me, and I’m done letting this control me.  Today, I updated my Patreon page and now I’m getting to Force.  Thank for standing by me.  I’ll try my best to make your loyalty worth your while.  All my best! 



Stalkerz and Wolvez:  So, had a banner weekend doing a local book signing.  Great Falls showed up and showed out.  It was great.


Keepers book 1 is set to drop eary/mid July and then I’m releasing SW: Legion.  I’ve been super busy playing catchup after my 11 months of illness and injury.  Fingers crossed for a better end to 2021.  Not sure what I’m gonna do after Legion.  We’ll see where my muse leads me.  Anyway, thank you all for sticking with me and supporting me through all the ups and downs.  Stay tuned, you’ll be hearing from me soon.





Oi, oi, Stalkerz and Wolvez!  It’s been a minute right?  So much craziness going on here in MT.  First, I broke my neck, then I got Covid, and then 3 days ago I got out of the hospital.  Had to have surgery to remove my gallbladder.  Gallstones caused pancreatitis and colitis, so I’ve been recovering from that.  Good Christ, things have got to look up from here, right?! LOL! 


My hope was to have Keepers: Force out by month’s end, but my week in the hospital bumped that back.  Expect to see Force sometime mid-May.  After that, it’s off to SW: Legion, woot!  I KNOW how long you’ve been waiting for his book, so stick with me.  Legion IS coming. 


Now that I’m on the mend from a near full year of disaster, I’m super excited to buckle down and get back to work.  I’ve got some things in the works that I know my Stalkerz will enjoy.  Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement and for sticking with me while I’ve been down.  Ya’ll mean the world to me and you’ll be hearing from me soon.






Stalkerz:  How’s near-end-pandemic treating you?  Things are snowy here in Montana.  I’m nearly finished with Keepers: Force.  I’ll publish SW: Legion after that if things go to plan.  Also, for those of you who missed it on my FB page, I’ve started a Patreon page.  You can find me on treh Patreon site as Susan Bliler or Alpha She or on the Patreon tab under the More tab on this page.  For those of you unfamiliar with Patreon, let me explain.  It’s a site where you sign up for a monthly subscription.  Many Patreons have many tiers, but I’ve only got one.  What do you get for your monthly subscription?  Well, right now I’m posting chapters from a book I’m working on called Titans.  The first book in the series will be Titans: Adrik.  This is my first Intergalactic romance.  If you are interested, login to Patreon and check it out.  You can cancel your subscription anytime.


Time to get back to Force.  Talk to you soon.-Alpha She




It’s live, it’s live, it’s finally fucking live!  SW: Mason is now live on Amazon and will be coming to Barnes & Noble soon.  Hard copies coming shortly too.  Wow, this one was a long time coming.  I hope you all enjoy the read.  Be sure to go to my Facebook page and share my live announcement for a chance to win an autographed hard copy.  You’ll get a second chance at an autographed hard copy by leaving a review on Amazon.  Thanks for sticking with me Stalkerz and Wolvez.  Now, let’s go kick 2021’s ass!



Happy holidayz, Stalkerz and Wolvez!  It’s official.  SW: Mason is with the editor and should be going live on Sunday the 27th or Monday the 28th.  Jazus, what an effort it was to get this book out.  Between breaking my neck, the plague, and getting sick myself—still waiting for Covid results—this project took me 5 months!!!  Yikes!  It’s the longest any book has ever taken.  2020 blows!  But hang in there, it’s almost over!!!  Thank fucking God!  Anyway, hope you enjoy this one, it was a monstrous effort.  Now, I’m gonna work on Lion’s Pride follow-ups and SW: Legion.  I’m so excited about SW: Sha too.  Y'all gonna lose your shit!!!!  Eeeeeeeeeeee!

Anyway, thank you all for sticking with me through these past 5 months and always having my back.  Y'all the best!  I hope each and every one of you has an epic Christmas week.  Our dinner has been canceled because I’ve been ill since last Monday—fuck sake!  Still, I plan on celebrating even if I gotta do it in January, August, or September, LOL!

Merry Christmas to you and yours and you’ll be hearing from me as soon as the book goes live.




Ahwoooooo!  Stalkerz, what it do?  Sorry I’ve been negligent in updating my blog.  For those of you who don’t know, I broke my neck in a nasty fall mid-July.  It put me out of commission for a minute, but I’m back at it now.  Been working on wrapping up SW: Mason.  I just finished his book cover yesterday.  I also have so much other stuff I want to get to.  By stuff, I mean books.  Lion’s Pride: Deacon has been hounding me and I desperately need to get to SW: Legion.  SW: Sha is also constantly tugging at my hair.  I can’t wait for you to read that one.  Eeeeeee!  Sorry, getting excited about my own stories, LOL!


Well, I’m gonna get back to Mason.  I’ll try to be more consistent with blogging now that I’m out of that stinking neck brace.  I’ll update you all as soon as Mason goes to editor.  Also, I didn’t forget about the give-away for Abducted by the Alpha.  Just got laid up.  I’ll do the giveaway this weekend.  Anyway, stay up, Stalkerz.  You’ll be hearing from me sooooooooon! ;0)



My Stalkerz and Wolves, Abducted by the Alpha is officially live!  Be sure to share my FB message (to be entered into a drawing for a prize) and leave your reviews on Amazon (to be entered into a second prize drawing).  We’ll be doing a special video drawing with my Beta Reader (MoFo Jonez) and the cover model (Pony).  Also, I’m done with KU, which means that those of you who read thru B&N can expect this book to your Nook soon. 


So glad this book is over.  Newsletters in the mail, website updated, Amazon updated.  Done!  The story got kinda long and bogged me down for a minute, but now I’m off to bigger and better things, namely Skin Walkers: Mason!  Woot, woot.


Spring has finally hit in the Greatness (63 degrees today).  So, after I do a little more work on this release day, I’m gonna go have sushi and tomadachis with my homegirl.  Excited!


Thank you all for sticking with me and encouraging me the way you do.  My readers are the best readers in the world, period!  Stay up, Stalkerz and Wolvez.  Ahwoooooooo!




Stalkerz and Wolvez, how’s your pandemic?  Montana isn’t too bad.  We have the 2nd least amount of cases in the US with only 400ish cases.  Hope you and yours are staying safe. 


Still working on Abducted by the Alpha.  Honestly, wish I would have gotten more work done during the lockdown, but it’s so hard when the whole pack had time off together.  Anyway, Abducted is STILL coming.  I’ve been working on Zander and Deacon’s books too in the Lion’s Pride series. 


As for today, I need a favor.  Can you all go to my Stalkerz only page and read both excerpts for Skin Walkers: Mason.  Vote for your choice by leaving a comment on my Guestbook.  If you don’t have the Stalkerz password, sign up for my newsletter and the password will be mailed to you.  Thanks in advance all.  Hoping to get deep into Skin Walker books this year. 


Ps, spring FINALLY came to MT.  All the snow has melted and my tulips are blooming!!!!!  Eeeeee!

Hope to hear from you all soon. 





What it do, my Stalkerz and Wolvez.  Feeling so much better these days.  Finally got on some anti-depressants that are actually helping!  Can’t tell you how happy I am to have finally found something that works.  It’s been an exhausting search but now there is hope on the horizon. 


Been working on Abducted by the Alpha.  You all remember this one?  I was posting excerpts on my Staklerz only page. My hope is to get it out by month end.

We finally got some snow!!!  It was a crazy dry winter and I was starting to get worried but we’re under a winter storm watch so yay!


For those of you who sent well-wishes about my cat, Chance, he’s doing way better.  Just one more month on prescription food and he should be back to normal.  He had crystals forming in his bladder and they were blocking his oscar so he couldn’t pee.  Poor lil dude.


Anyway, I’ve got a treat in store for the cover of Abducted by the Alpha…which is Territory book 7, in case I didn’t mention that.  Gray Kincaid is the last of the 5 Alphas who were in their rogue pack in British Columbia. 


Well, gonna get back to writing.  Hope you all have an awesome rest of March.  Happy St Pats.  I’ll talk to you soon.


And A Lion's Pride is live!  So relieved to get this one out.  I had a blast writing it, and hope you all have a blast reading it.  Thank you all so much for being patient with me while I went through my funk.  Gonna make 2020 my bitch, LOL!  Lots of good things to come this year, my Stalkerz and Wolvez.  Here’s to you.  Ahwooooooooo!



It’s almost readyyyyyy!  So excited about this new book.  Hope you all enjoy it.  Check out a snippet on my Stalkerz only page.  Don’t have the password to access the page?  All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter under the Contact/Newsletter tab, and the password will be e-mailed to you.

Gotta get back to it, my Stalkerz and Wolvez.  So close to being sent to editor!!



Ever burn dinner and it sends you over the edge?  My mate has been wanting baby back ribs for weeks.  Today, I decided to surprise him and seasoned three pounds of ribs and threw ‘em in the oven for a slow cook.  Then mom’s dog needs to be picked up from vet, kid can’t drive in the snow and needs to be picked up from high school, daughter asks if she can hang with her boyfriend and I say yeah after chores are done which she assures me they are, mate is confused about daycare so I rush out to grab my sister’s son, father-in-law texts to see if I’ve been checking on his house while he’s on vacay, swing by post office to mail out some stuff, grampa calls from nursing home needing fresh laundry.  Running, running, running.  Get home.  Daughter’s chores aren’t done and dinner is charred.  I lost my shit. 


Currently, 4 of those tiny little bottles of Pinot Grigio deep into some Twenty One Pilots music. 


Deep breaths.  Deep breaths.  Calm the fuck down, and get back to grindin! 


ps, how you all liking Abducted by the Alpha, Territory book 7?  (the chapters on my Stalkerz only page).  I’m surprised so many of you remembered Gray Kincaid from my Territory series.  My wolves, ahwooooooooo!



Stalkerz and Wolvez, hope all is well in your worlds.  Things in Montana are snowy and cold, so (shoulder shrug) the norm.  I’ve been working on SW: Mason, Keepers: Force, and as you can read on my Stalkerz only page another lil diddy.  Everything has been pretty slow going around here.  Just taking things one day at a time.

Holidays are just around the corner.  Mama’s going to NC to see my oldest sister for turkey day so the pack is on our own.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, (wink). 

Currently, I’m seriously considering ditching out of work to go hiking in the snow in with my lil bro, Pony.  Pros:  It’d be nice to get out of the office and take a run in the wild.  Cons:  It’s freezing out and he never listens to me.  Like a damn baby wolf who gets the scent of a fresh rabbit.  SMH!  Well, we’ll see.

Don’t really have any dates on any new releases.  All 3 books I’ve been working on are at about the same word count, which is the halfway mark.  It sucks because I really want to get something out by month end.  Who knows, I might have one of those good days and knock out 10,000 words in a day.

Hope you all are enjoying my snippets on the Stalkerz only page.  Don’t have the password to get in?  Just sign up for my newsletter and the password will be e-mailed to you.  The story behind this…story, is that I posted a pic on Facebook.  It’s the pic on the Stalkerz page.  It was so cool that I thought, “Damn, I could write a whole book inspired by this pic.”  And so I’ve started.  Check it out under the Stalkerz tab.  In the meantime, stay tuned.  A book will be coming from me eventually, LOL!



What it do, Stalkerz and Wolvez?  Just a quick drop in to let you all know that I’m back to writing.  Thank you all so much for your support, well-wishes, and words of encouragement through my time of funk, lol! I’ve never really dealt with depression on this grand of scale before, so it was a little staggering.  Luckily, I’m a fighter and good at taking hits (wink).  Anyway, I’m getting my shit togetha!  Thought I was gonna get out Force: Keepers book 1, but was having a tough time getting into it.  I thought it was me, but then realized that my muse wasn’t interested, so….bah, bah, bah, bah, we’re working on Skin Walkers: Mason.  I’ve been flowing pretty well and can’t tell you how good it felt to get in a legit day’s worth of actual fucking writing.  Praying this is a trend!  Anyway, I love you all and haven’t forgotten about you.  Don’t you forget about me!!! 


Stalkerz and Wolvez, how have you been, pack?  Things in Montana have been a little meh.  I’m sorry to say that Skin Walkerz Mason is nowhere near being done.  Nothing is.  Not gonna waste my time trying to hide or sugar coat anything because well, we’re all human.  Over the past few months, I’ve been dealing with a serious bout of deep depression.  A huge contributor was Spoils of War: Matese.  I was so fucking proud of that book!  I felt like it was my best work, and when it bombed, I just kinda gave up.  I didn’t touch my computer, didn’t read a book, didn’t do anything other than lose about 10 pounds, get prescribed some anti-depressants—which only made things worse—and seriously considered giving up writing.  It felt like I was a little bulb on a string of Christmas lights that somehow became detached.  I didn’t feel connected to anything, which was devastating to deal with because I pride myself on being a super strong person and to lose control over MYSELF like that was just…overwhelming.  Worse, my mate got injured on a hunting trip in British Columbia, so I’ve been trying to take care of him and myself at the same time.  I’m not gonna lie, I was a hot fucking mess!  BUT…I’m getting my shit together.  I stopped taking the pills because they made my head feel funny and stifled my muse.  Me sitting at my computer typing this right now feels huge!  It’ll take me a minute to get back to all the e-mails and messages piled up, but I will get to them.  Also, I’m not sure what I’m gonna write next.  I know I told you all that I’d do Mason, but I think me working on books that my heart isn’t really in has been contributing to my depression; therefore, you will note that I’ve deleted the Coming Soon tab from this site.  I don’t want to tell you all what’s coming next and force myself to keep to it, it’s just too stressful.  It feels like cornering my muse, and if you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I like to let my muse lead me.  After the pills made him go silent for a while, I realized that me forcing myself to work on shit he doesn’t want to is making him silent too.  So, no more of that.  I do know how nice it is to drop in and read an excerpt so I’ll still leave those sometimes under my Stalkerz tab.  If you don’t have the password to get into my Stalkerz only page, sign up for my newsletter under the Contact/Newsletter tab and use the subject:  Stalkerz, and I’ll e-mail you the password. 


In the meantime, I’m gonna get back to writing.  I’m gonna ask my muse to come back.  I’m gonna get my head right, and when I have time, I’ll work on Mason and Legion and Hunger and all the other books you all have been waiting for. 


Also, I’ve deleted my Susan A Bliler Facebook page.  It’s daunting to have multiple FB pages, and I honestly can’t see any reason for it.  You all can friend my personal page Susan Bliler.  It’ll give you a better insight into who I am than my sterile author page would have.


I feel like I’ve been jumping through so many goddamn hoops trying to be an author that I never stopped to realize that I AM an author.  I’m so sick of Amazon’s shit with the whole KU bullshit.  If you’re not enrolled, you can’t advertise your book.   If you’re not enrolled, you can’t give discounts or have “deals” on your books.  If you’re not enrolled, they hide your books.  So I played their game, but when I had a reader e-mail me and ask why all of my books aren’t in KU because she “doesn’t want to have to pay for them”, it was a serious wake up call.  These books take months to write.  MONTHS!!!!  If you’ll pay $5 for a Starbucks coffee whipped up in 2 minutes but don’t want to pay $3 for a book that took 320 hours to write, then you aren’t for me.   


In closing, I hope you all stick with me and know that I think about you all every day.  I’m gonna get back to the roots of this writing shit and start enjoying it again.  I’m gonna have hope in both pockets and a shit-ton of faith in my purse and I’m gonna keep on keeping on.





ps, I upgraded the comments section on this website.  I used to only be able to get 10 comments at a time, but now it's unlimited!  So comment away, LOL!      



Hey pack, in case you haven’t heard, Matese: Spoils of War 3 went live last night!  Hope you all get your copy.  I’m really proud of this one and had a blast writing it.  He’s a little more aggressive than we’re used to, but I think that’s what I like about him.  At the end of the book, you’ll find my playlist-which is just two songs-one for Briar and one for Matese.  I’m changing the song on this site to Matese’s song.  It really inspired me through this book.  If you scroll to the bottom of any page here and click the orange arrow, it’ll play Matese’s song. 

So, the question on everybody’s mind: “What’s next?”  I’m going to publish SW: Mason next.  I’ve been waiting a very VERY long time to get to it and that time is finally here.  Not sure what I’ll do after Mason, but we’ll see where my muse leads when the time comes.

It’s finally summer here in MT, and by summer I mean sweltering-ass, unbearably hot!  Yesterday was 91, today is gonna be 92, but it’s August now, so September is just a breath away.  It’s basically fall, LOL!  Time to start picking out Halloween costumes and getting ready for the snow!  Yessssssssss!  I miss the snow, but it’ll be back soon.

I put myself on a diet which lasted all of a day.  I’ve come to the conclusion that when you live in a tiny-ass town, eating out and drinking is the only real enjoyment you get outta life.  Maybe it’s just me, though.  I tend to run at a constant awfully high-stress level, but at least I don’t smoke crack, so there’s that.  Honestly, I’ve been pretty restless lately and dealing with some serious depression.  Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis.  Who the fuck knows!  Just taking things one day at a time and trying to stay motivated.  Writing helps with that, so does taking long rides in my truck.  I like to hit the back roads where there are no people and just cruise while blasting music.  I think I need a vacation.  My sisters and I went to Vegas this summer, but going to Vegas isn’t a vacation…it’s a challenge, and unfortunately one we chose to accept.  I haven’t imbibed that much alcohol since I turned 21.  (Deep sigh) I’m getting too old for this shit.  My problem with vacations is that I get terribly homesick.  Like literally the second I leave my house, my guts twist, and I miss my pets and my people.  Once, Cindy and I drove to Havre for work and had to stay overnight, and I was so sad.  Havre is a 3hr drive from Great Falls, and Cindy just kept saying, “Your house is right over that hill.”  LOL!  Ugh, I’m such a sad sack.  The state fair is in town, and once I finish up the last of my chores on getting Matese live, I think I’m gonna take the weekend off and have some fun.  Anyway, enough rambling.  Thank you all for so much for reading my work, supporting me, keeping me inspired, and for being part of my journey.  I love you, Stalkerz Wolvez!! 

Don’t forget to share my FB post about Matese going live and leave your Amazon review to be entered into both drawings for an autographed hard copy of Matese!






Tallius: Spoils of War 2 is live!!!!  Go get you some Tallius, Stalkerz, and Wovlez, you won’t regret it.  Remember to share my FB post and leave an Amazon review for 2 chances at winning an autographed hard copy.  There’s still more to come in this series too.  Matese will get his story told and maybe Reign.


I know I said I was done putting books in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, but I’m still trying to find my niche.  I’m doing Amazon ads and trying to make things work, so we’ll see how it goes.


It finally stopped snowing here in the great northwest and it must have thrown my system for a loop because I’ve got the flu.  Yay me!  It’s not gonna stop me from working though so here I sit.


I’ll edit the Coming Soon and Stalkerz sections of this site too so you all can get a little taste of what’s in store. 


Thanks for reading my books!





Spoils of War is live!!!  Eeeeeeeeee!  I’m really excited about this one.  Sometimes when I write a book, it just feels right.  This is one of those.  Hope you all enjoy the read.  Don’t forget to share my FB post and leave your reviews for TWO chances to win an autographed hard copy!  Also, for those of you Kobo and B&N readers, I’ve already uploaded this to Smashwords, so keep your eyes peeled.  It’ll be available to you shortly!


So, as you can see from the Coming Soon section, there will be a Spoils of War 2.  Tallius is War’s Beta, as you’re soon to find out.  Tally’s book is gonna be super fun.  I’m really looking forward to writing it.


Now, before you ask, yes!  I will be getting to Hunger and Cold Smoke and Battle Born but you know me, my wolves.  I gotta follow where that muse leads.


My ass is so sore from sitting in this damn chair going over edits.  I crashed last night at 2am about half way done and then woke up early to take my lil Noel to the vet.  She’s got teeth coming in on top of teeth and they’re pulling 5 today.  Yikes!  My poor lil soot! 


Tonight, I…  Shit!  I was gonna make my baby take me out for pizza n beer to celebrate SoW, but I can’t leave my Noel.  Sigh.  Looks like we’ll be ordering in.


In weather news, the snow has melted!  Mostly!  The birds are out, my tulips are coming in, spring is in the muthafucking air!  Whoop! Whoop! 


Alright, I gotta get outta this chair for a bit.  I overworked my legs at the boxing club this week so I can’t even stand at my Varidesk.  I’m an idiot! 


Anyway, I love you all.  Thank you for reading my books and running with my pack.  Stay up, my Stalkerz and Wolvez!






A’hau Stalkerz and Wolvez.  So, as you can see in the Coming Soon section, Spoils of War will be my next release.  Shooting for the end of this month.  Fingers crossed.  Sorry for leaving you all hanging here for so long.  It’s been one looooooong cold winter up here in Montana, and deep snow depression is a real thing, but it’s a scorching 24 above today.  The thaw is officially upon us!!  Funny, my last blog post there was hardly any snow, and at this posting, we’ve had record-breaking cold and snow.  In other news, I’m ditching the Kindle Unlimited shit.  It was financially beneficial the first month—bet they only do that to entice authors to enlist their next book too—but at month 2 and 3, it fell off.  So, this means that my next book WILL be released on Kobo and B&N as well as on Amazon.  So there’s that!  Two days ago I went and got drunk with my sisters.  I’ve been recovering ever since.  This getting old shit isn’t for the wolvez!  Gonna get back to Spoils of War so I can get it to you soon.  I hope this post finds you all well!  Stay up, my peeps!  Ahwoooooooooo! 





‘Ello my Stalkerz and Wolvez.  For those who don’t know, Skin Walkers: Chief is live!!!!!!  If you read it, please be sure to leave a review AND share my FB post for 2 chances to win an autographed hard copy.


What I’m doing today:  Started working on SW: Mason, did a little work in Cold Smoke, but I’ve decided to edit Hunger.  It used to be called Hunted, but I changed the name because I already published The Hunt and the names were too similar.  Not sure if you remember this one.  There was an excerpt in the back of SW: Leto.  I’ll put an excerpt in the Coming Soon section.   Ghaaa, it’s so crazy right now because my muse is pulling me in so many directions.  I really want to work on Mason, Cold Smoke, Ton, and Hunger, but that's too much.  I’m really trying to get myself focused on one thing.  It’s hard when your mind is all over.  LOL!  I kinda went through writer’s block over Xmas.  I think my muse went on vacation because there were crickets.  Now, he’s all over the place.  Crazy ass dude!


Let’s see what else can I tell you?  For Christmas, I got a new Chihuahua.  She’s 3 pounds of pure fucking sunshine.  I named her Noel because of Christmas and all, but my mate calls her Henry Tinkler because she pees everywhere.  Ooooooh, mama’s lil sprinkler system, LOL! 


The weather in MT has been shitty.  By shitty, I mean almost no snow this winter.  I hate it!  You all know how much us wolves love the cold and snow.  If this polar vortex shit keeps up, I might have to move to Chicago!  Ha ha ha!  Yeah right!  You all know I’d never make it in the big city.  I need my space to run!


Gonna hit the gym here shortly with my sis.  I seriously gained like 15 pounds over Christmas and did not give one single fuck.  Now I pay!  It’s so hard when you live for beer and cheese.  


Hope you all had an epic holiday season, and thank you all for sticking with me.  You know, I published my second book 7 years ago today!  I can’t believe it’s been that long.  It sure as hell doesn’t feel like it.  Needless to say, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you all reading my books and hanging tight.  Thank you for coming on this ride with me, and stay tuned.  There’s lots more to come.








For those of you who haven’t notice, SW: Chief is up for pre-order.  Woot, woot!  Be sure to leave reviews.  I’ll be doing another drawing for post shares and reviews. Winners will get an autographed hard copy of Chief!


Hope you all are staying warm out there with winter storms blanketing the US.  We FINALLY got snow up in here my Montana.  It’s beautiful.


My plan this year is to hit the ground running.  Def gonna tie up the loose end of SW: Mason.  Would like to get out Cold Smoke, a Keeper book, my re-write on Hunted…which I’ve renamed to Hunger.  Want to get to my Gorillaz series too.  Gosh, so much to do, so much to do.  I feel like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.    Oooh, before I forget.  There was a great deal of interest in character images.  I posted some on my Susan A Bliler Facebook page, but I’m gonna add a page on this site too.  Pics will show up better here. 


Well, Chief goes live in 6 days.  You’d be amazed at the amount of pre-publishing shit an author has to do to get ready.  I just wanted to drop a quick few lines before I got back to it. 


Stay up, my Stalkerz and Wolvez.  “The dark’s not taking prisoners tonight!”





Skin Walkers: Legion is live!  If you purchased and enjoyed it, please leave a review on Amazon.  I’m going to work on Titans: Adrik next and slowly start getting through Skin Walkers: Sha.  Not sure if you all are going to be able to recover from that one, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!  Hope y’all are doing okay.  Happy pre-apocalypse, I guess.  LOL!  Thanks for sticking with me through my dry spell, my Wolvez!

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