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Skin Walkers: Legion

“Come to my office immediately,” Brooklyn mimicked Monroe in a mock masculine tone.  Hanging up the phone she jotted a quick reminder on her calendar before turning to grab her waistcoat.  She shoved her arms in as she walked out of her office door to wait for the elevator.


Short minutes later she was in Monroe’s office.  Sitting erect in her typical prim and proper fashion, she had her ankles crossed and tucked neatly beneath her as she waited in the reception area, staring at Monroe’s office door.  When his door jerked open, Monroe waved her in.  Brooklyn smiled warmly at Lilly, Monroe’s assistant, before disappearing into the office.


Entering the intimidating space, Brooklyn threw her shoulders back and accepted a seat in front of his desk.  She knew the matter they were to discuss was business in nature because otherwise, he’d have sat across from her on one of the two sofas that adorned his office.


“Brooklyn, how are you feeling?”     


“Fine,” she tensed.  In all her time employed by Monroe, he’d never begun a conversation with a query into her well being.


“There’s a vital matter we need to discuss, but I was hoping that…” he paused and turned his attention to the door.  “Good, he’s here.”


The door clicked open behind Brooklyn, but she didn’t turn to see who entered, instead she kept her focus on Monroe.


Something brushed her elbow and she looked up to see the large Walker from her office taking a seat next to her.  The chair creaked under the behemoth’s weight.


“Brooklyn, this is Legion.”


Brooklyn glanced at the Walker quickly and nodded once before turning her attention back to the CEO.


She watched as Monroe circled his desk and sat on the edge, hiking up one leg as he stared down at her.  “I can’t put this delicately, so I won’t.”


Her heart rate accelerated.  Am I being fired?


“Brooklyn, you understand that Walkers have a heightened sense of smell?”


“Y-yeees,” her response was trepidatious.


  Monroe’s eyes narrowed.  “It’s much stronger than a human’s.  Stronger than you could imagine.  We pick up things that even some animals might miss.”


“Okay,” she nodded warily wondering where he was going.


He rubbed a hand over his face and focused on her again.  “Brooklyn, you’re sick.”


Her brows knitted, “N-no I’m not.  I feel…fine.”  She lifted a slender hand to rub her throat.


“I don’t mean with a cold.”  Monroe flicked his glance toward Legion who kept his eyes forward.  “You’re sick.”


Brooklyn paled, her tone was one of shock.  “No.  No, I’m not!”


“Yes, you are.”  Monroe rubbed the back of his neck, “I’ve only just become aware of it.  I scented something changing in your body’s chemistry but didn’t pay much attention.  Angie grew concerned and suspected something was wrong.”  He frowned, looking haggard, “I’m sorry.  If we’d have caught it sooner, there may have been other options.”


Stunned, Brooklyn sat back in her chair.  “This isn’t funny, Mr. StoneCrow!”


“No,” he agreed, “it’s not.  Your illness is advanced, and there is no medical remedy at this stage.”


Brooklyn’s mouth fell open as she gaped at him in incredulity before anger flared to life.  “So I’m sick and I’m going to die?  Is that what you’re trying to make me believe?”


“You are ill, but there is an option…”


She shoved up out of her chair, “I thought you said there were no options.  If you’re going to create such an outlandish lie Mr. StoneCrow, I suggest you get your bullshit straight!”  She turned to leave, but a firm hand locked around her wrist holding her in place.  She looked down at Legion’s fingers on her arm and tried to jerk free.  The Walker kept his eyes forward but refused to release her.


“I said there is no medical remedy, but there are options available to Walkers.”


Brooklyn frowned over her shoulder at Monroe and watched his expression soften.


“Please sit.” He gestured toward the chair she’d just vacated.


When Legion released his hold, she turned and dropped back into her chair.


“You’ve been here with us for quite some time, but I’m not sure how much you know about us.  You understand we are drawn to our mates?”


Brooklyn continued to frown at him but nodded once.


“Are you also aware that Walker’s carry no disease and cannot contract any?  We have no colds, flu, cancer, aids, STD’s, nothing like that.”

Her icy blue eyes didn’t waver from his, “No, I was not aware.”


Monroe crossed his arms over his chest.  “When a Walker claims his mate, his…seed offers his mate the same protection.  Take Ella and Gauge for example.  Now that she’s mated to a Walker, his seed will keep her from ever contracting another illness or disease.  We’re not sure if it’s a one-time thing or if they need to continue to have intercourse for the immunity to work, but it does work.”


As he spoke, Brooklyn let the realization of his words sink in and she fought back tears.  “What does that have to do with me?”


Monroe’s tone softened, “You’ve become a vital part of our Walker family Brooklyn.  We don’t want to lose you.”


She dropped her head as a few tears fell free.  She brushed at them in annoyance.  “How could you know its terminal?”  She lifted stormy eyes to his.  “You couldn’t possibly know that.  Not from a smell!”  She shook her head.  “What does illness even smell like?”


“Like dying flowers,” he supplied sadly.  “Like sweet red roses at the end of their time.”


His words rocked her, and her mouth fell open.  Was she at the end of her time?


“The stream of Walkers sent to your office was for a purpose.”


She blinked hard, pulling herself from her reverie.  “And what purpose was that?”


“An attempt to find you a viable mate.”


Brooklyn stilled, staring at Monroe for long silent moments before her eyes slid to the large Walker sitting next to her.  Oh no!


“Legion is a viable candidate and is willing to test your compatibility.”


She felt a heated flush steal across her cheeks.  “What exactly do you mean by test our compatibility?”


Direct as usual, Monroe got right to the point.  “Brooklyn you need to mate with him to see if he can heal you.”


Brooklyn looked from the CEO to Legion, her discomfort mounting.  “As I understand it, Walkers mate for life.”


Monroe nodded, “That is correct.”


Now she was indignant not only on her own behalf but on Legion’s as well.  “So you want him,” she jabbed a finger in Legion’s direction, “to claim me on the off chance that we might actually work as a couple so he can cure me; thereby, binding us together for the rest of our lives when we haven’t even been formally introduced?”


“Don’t be ridiculous,” Monroe scoffed.  “I introduced you a few minutes ago.”


Brooklyn again shoved up out of her chair and approached to scowl up at Monroe across his desk as he too stood.  “All due respect Mr. StoneCrow, but I think I’ll get a second opinion on your diagnosis.  As for your arranged marriage, you can shove it up your…”  She didn’t get the chance to finish.  Something cold and hard slid around her throat.  She reached up and gripped it, knowing instantly the moment her fingers locked around it what it was.  A blinding light accompanied by a high-pitched whine emitted from the halo around her neck.  The halo around Monroe’s neck whined and winked once in response.  Shock registered on her face and she opened her mouth to protest but no words escaped before she dropped.