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Book 01—SW: King

Book 02—SW: RedKnife 

Book 03—SW: Bishop 

Book 04—SW: Mason

Book 05—SW: Conn  

Book 06—SW: Leto   

Book 07—SW: Monroe 

Book 08—SW: Gauge

Book 09—SW: York

Book 10—SW:  Remy   

Book 11—SW: Taken  

Book 12—SW: Angel Lost 

Book 13—SW: Baymac

Book 14—SW: Bellis

Book 15—SW: Tyce

Book 16—SW: Marko

Book 17—SW: Recker

Book 18--SW: James 

Book 19--SW: Chief 

Book 01—Territory: Prequel

Book 02—Territory

Book 03—TerrIIItory

Book 04—Terr4tory

Book 05—Terr5tory

Book 06—Terr6tory, The Primes

The Hunt Series

The Hunt

The Hunt 2


Spoils of War

Tallius: Spoils of War 2

Matese: Spoils of War 3

Stand Alones


Prince of Cats



Bad Beta

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