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Dressed in scrubs, Monroe stood over Eden’s bed, staring at where her sooty lashes rested against flushed cheeks. Even like this, she was the most exquisite creature he’d ever seen.

    Jenny brushed past, checking the IVs attached to Eden.

    Chocolate eyes fluttered open, passing only a cursory glance over Monroe. A glance that spoke volumes.

    “How are you feeling?” Jenny asked.

    Clearing her throat, Eden moved to sit up, and Monroe instinctively lowered to help her. She flashed him a grateful smile, but didn’t hold his eyes.

    “Thank you,” she muttered, dismissing him to focus on Jenny. “Fine. I guess.”

    “Good. Maybe we can get you out of here soon.”

    “Did you contact him? Is he on his way?”

    Monroe’s gut twisted, and he backed up to clutch the door frame as he turned accusing eyes to Jenny. “Who?”

    Jenny turned her head to the side and hissed quietly, “I told you to wait!”

    “Doctor?” Eden prodded.

    Jenny stepped forward. “My staff is on it, don’t worry.” She patted Eden’s hand. “Please excuse me a moment, I need to confer with my colleague. I’ll be back shortly.” Jenny nodded at Stoney as she entered the room.“Please come with me, Doctor StoneCrow.” Jenny’s formality had Monroe bristling, and he didn’t immediately follow. Instead, he lingered in the doorway, waiting for Eden to look at him again. He just knew that if she looked at him, really looked at him, she would recognize him, remember him and their life together, and this nightmare would be over.

    Dark eyes lifted to his, staring with no recognition at all, before darting uncomfortably to Stoney, then back to him. “Is everything okay, doctor?”

    The wood frame of the door creaked under the pressure of Monroe’s hand, and when Eden’s eyes darted to it, he quickly released the ­­­frame, muttering, “Please excuse me,” before exiting the room behind Jenny.

    As he stepped into the hall dismay tore through him, and it felt as though a huge chunk of his heart had been ripped from him. His Angel didn’t remember him. The revelation rocked him to his core, and he stood staring at the wall, staring unseeing for long minutes until a cough from Jenny jerked his attention to her. Growling, he stalked over to her, gripping her elbow and dragging her further down the hall. His eyes flitted to Eden’s door before he finally stopped, growling, “What in the fuck is going on?”

    “I was trying to tell you this earlier,” Jenny snapped, jerking her elbow free. “She’s lost the last few years, but that’s not all. I told you. Her mind has reverted to a previous place and time. We’re not sure exactly when that is yet, but,” Jenny licked her lips, hesitating a moment before backing up a step. “We know that, in her mind, she’s living the life she had before the academy.”

    “What the fuck does that mean?”

    “It means.” Jenny lifted her chin. “That she believes she’s actually living in that time. That she still lives in her apartment in town, still works where she worked at that time. And . . . still dates the man she was dating then.”


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Angel Lost: Skin Walkers book 12

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