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#1 Amazon bestselling author of the Skin Walker series, Susan Bliler, gives readers what they’ve been dying for--In the long-awaited book 3 of the Skin Walkers series, Bishop and Jenny clash head-to-head!


What happens when Doctor Jenny Houlton hides her affliction from her Skin Walker mate, Bishop Arkinson? 


For six agonizing months, Bishop has been suffering.  When he discovers Jenny’s deceit and betrayal, he’s too far gone to control his inner beasts. 


Ravaged by the one man she was meant to call hers, Jenny knows her own treachery is to blame.  Now, her mate is spiraling from his attack on her.  She’ll have to convince him that her forgiveness isn’t a ploy while owning her part in pushing Bishop past his boundaries. 


Can Bishop forgive Jenny for turning him into a monster?  Can Jenny own up to what she’s done?  How do two people at such odds find the love they deserve?  Find out in Skin Walkers book 3: Bishop!

Bishop: Skin Walkers Book 3

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