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Tyson BloodMoon has a monster inside him.  Yeah, the rest of his brothers have wolves in them too but not like his.  Monster is different.  He doesn’t need bonds, he doesn’t need anyone, and there isn’t anything he can’t get for himself with brute strength and lethal force…until he meets her.  Tyson’s mission is to watch his Alpha’s new sister-in-law.  Watch!  But, Monster has other plans.


Cersi is on the hunt.  Her sister’s been kidnapped, and Cersi’s determined to find her no matter where she has to go or who she has to confront.   She’s not afraid of monsters, never has been, so when a powerful, dominant, monster of a man says he has her sister Cersi’s ready to unleash all hell.  If Tyson BloodMoon thinks she’s backing down from him, he’s dead wrong.


Tyson struggled to control his inner Monster well before he ever laid eyes on Cersi.  Now, with temptation right in front him, Monster wants out, and Tyson doesn’t know if he’ll be able to hold the beast back.




Tyson stood stock still.  Hands in the air, heart hammering in his chest, he tried to restrain Monster.  Staring down the barrel of the pistol aimed right at his face, he fought to ignore it as he focused on the raven-haired beauty wielding the weapon. 


“I asked, why in the fuck you’re following me!”


He couldn’t stop the growl that rattled its way up his chest if he’d wanted to.


Cersi narrowed her eyes on him.  “Did you just growl at me?”


Hell yeah, he’d just growled.  This crazy, sexy, trouble-maker had no idea the strength it was taking to keep Monster from ripping out of him.  Monster didn’t like guns and liked staring down the barrel of one even less.


Cersi took a step closer and had to lift her arm to keep her pistol pointed at his head.  “Why are you following me?”


She was putting on a brave show, but he could scent her fear.  Sifting through several excuses, he shirked them all and shot straight to the heart of the matter.  “I have your sister.”


Cersi’s reaction was instantaneous.  Eyes rounding, grim line of her luscious red lips going lax, the hand holding the pistol started to tremble.  Her shock only lasted a minute before her perfect brows snapped down and she gritted through clenched teeth.  “If you hurt her, I’ll make your fucking death last a thousand years.”


Why that threat had his balls drawing up tight and his dick going hard, Tyson had no idea.  He chalked it up to the fact that he harbored the last known dire wolf inside him.  Poor bastard had gone mad from lack of a true pack.  Yeah, he had the guys, but they weren’t dire wolves and being alone like that in the world did terrible things to a pack animal.


“Are…are you smiling?”


Was he?  Forcing a frown, he kept his hands up but relaxed his posture some.  Monster was still shredding him trying to get free, but he knew the beast wasn’t gonna harm the woman.  She was too damn sexy and sassy and snarly.  Just their type.  Rich caramel skin, dark chocolate eyes, lips like plump red cherries, and hair curled like ropes of black licorice, she looked good enough to eat.


“Where is my sister, you fuck?”


You fuck?  Well, that wasn’t nice.


Lights from outside flashed in the darkened building and had Cersi making the mistake he’d been waiting for.  Her eyes sliced in the direction of the door and he moved.  It took Cersi a mili-second to realize her mistake and pull the trigger, but by then he was already on her.  He heard the bullet ricochet off a concrete pillar somewhere behind him.  Thank God for shifter speed.


One arm wrapped around Cersi’s throat from behind while his free hand captured the wrist of the hand holding her pistol.  He pulled that hand toward them until the gun was pointed at Cersi’s own chest. At her ear, he growled, “Easy.”


But Cersi wasn’t an easy woman.  No, she was absolute, certified, trouble!


She struggled in his hold, and honestly, if he’d been a human male, she might have gotten away.  She was tough, he’d give her that, but he was a beast.


His arm around her throat tightened.  He knew he’d have to render her unconscious to get her out of the building quietly because yeah, he could tell from two minutes of interaction that Cersi didn’t do anything she didn’t want to do.


“I don’t want to hurt you,” he snarled at her ear, annoyed that she was painting him into a corner.


“Fuck you!” she grunted as she tried to pull the arm with the pistol away from her chest.  She kicked him in the shin, hard, and even though he’d been expecting it, it still pissed him off.  With no other option, he sunk in his choke hold opting to put her out now. 


He wasn’t even paying any attention to her hand holding the pistol because he still had it pointed at her chest.  It’s why he startled hard, releasing Cersi and staggering back when the gun went off.  Cersi hit the ground but recovered at the same time he did.  One hand clamped over the blood pouring from her shoulder, she glared up at him, and that damn pistol was centered on his chest.  A chest that was already bleeding.  He didn’t bother trying to stop the wound from weeping.  It was already starting to heal, but still…holy shit!  She’d shot through herself to get him!


Inside, Monster had gone eerily silent, looking from Cersi to Tyson in absolute shock. 




The Hunt 2

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