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Arabella is the lone female officer on the Great Falls Tactical Force.  To prove her merit, she volunteers for a mission that turns out to be more than she bargained for.  Transported to the Crazy Mountains of Montana, Arabella’s world is rocked when she’s introduced to Keepers and their Soul Sentries.    


Force BlackWolf is trying to adjust to his new life in Montana.  Settled in a secluded hideaway dubbed the North Fortress, Force and his brethren are relying on Skin Walkers to help them adapt.  As part of that adaptation, they require training.  But when the soldier delivered to the Fortress to train them turns out to be female, all hell breaks loose. 


Arabella becomes Force’s responsibility and in the midst of protecting her, other emotions rush to the fore, the strongest being desire.


Unsure if love can even exist for Keepers, Force is willing to risk everything for his shot at a life with Arabella.




No, no, no, no, no! Nooo! Force understood what Belle was saying, and yeah, it made sense, but he didn’t want it. She was trying to keep the peace between the Keepers and the Skin Walkers because she knew trouble was already headed to the North Fortress, but how was his chance at happiness the only solution? They couldn’t separate now. He hadn’t even had a chance to make his move. Sure he’d been pissed at Maxim at first for being so stubborn, but his Soul Sentry had known something Force hadn’t. Belle was his! But now, everything was happening too quickly, and Force was struggling to keep up.


Fatal had ruined everything by inviting the Skin Walkers’ enemy to the North Fortress. Force should have predicted the move. His brother wasn’t the wait around and see if trouble comes to us kind of guy. No, Fatal had earned his name by being proactive when the rest of them would rather wait and see.


Pissed at himself for not predicting Fatal’s move, Force clenched his hands hard and tried again. “Belle stays with me.”


Everyone turned to look at him and he knew the plea was futile. Now that Maxim had returned to him, there was no reason for Monroe to keep Belle at the Estate and there was no reason for Fatal to stay.


Behind him, Fatal spoke quietly, “Priorities, brother.”


Fuck Fatal! Belle was his priority!


Belle closed the space between them and took up one of Fatal’s hands. “Don’t,” she pleaded quietly. “It’s alright. You have Maxim back and I’m…”


Eyes boring into hers, Force asked, “You’re what?”


“I’m all better.”


Nostrils flaring, Force scented her. Goddamn, she smelled like home. Turning to glare at Monroe and Fatal, he gave his attention back to Belle when she squeezed his hand. “Go do what you have to do.” She took a step closer, and her expression went all business when she demanded, “Be smart. You hear me? Be safe.” With one final squeeze, she released his hand and stepped away from him and addressed Monroe. “I’m ready.”


“Good,” Monroe snapped once he was back in human form. Turning to Fatal, Monroe’s tone was terse when he offered an insincere sounding, “Good luck.”


King and Monroe led Belle away. Watching the departure, Force fisted his hands hard to keep from rushing after Belle. Letting her leave hurt worse than being without Maxim. It hurt more than anything he’d ever experienced, and that pain led to rage. He was pissed and he didn’t know at who. A war with the Megalya sounded welcoming because Force wanted to unleash all the turmoil he was feeling and killing was always a good way to do it.


Fatal stepped up to his brother’s side. “Force?”


Without taking his eyes off the door Belle had exited, Force ground out, “Let’s go to fucking war!”


copy of Force: Keepers book 1

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