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Stop looking him in the eyes, you idiot!  Hillary was torn between obeying the dictate and looking up to make sure Modess wasn’t stalking her.  She’d fucked up!  Well, Wanda had given her shit advice, but she should have known better.  What Alpha in his prime and built like Modess would want PB and fucking J?  None!


When a large hand clamped around her throat, Hillary gasped and couldn’t stifle the whimper that clawed its way up her throat.


“Are you trying to insult me?”


She tried to shake her head, but Modess tightened his grip a fraction.  He wasn’t hurting her, just holding her.  Still, like an idiot, her hands shot up and clawed at his.  Her eyes slammed to his and she breathed, “Don’t!”


Don’t?  DON’T?  Oh my fucking God!  Had she lost her damn mind?  Eyes locked on Modess’, she felt chills blast up her spine when his eyes darkened and a sinister grin took his lips.


“The fuck you say?”


So, this was how she died!  In all her imaginings it had never happened like this.  No, she’d always envisioned her old ass dying peacefully in her sleep having had a fulfilled life and a dozen grown pups who’d all mourn her when she was gone.  Wrong!  She died at the hands of a fierce Alpha, one she’d been secretly creaming over, because she, master chef extraordinaire, had served him a PB&J per his sister’s suggestion.


Stepping into her, Modess’ hand on her throat lifted, forcing her to look up at him, way up at him.  He was the biggest bastard she’d ever seen.  Sexiest bastard, too.  She wondered why all the hot guys had to be assholes.


Lowering his head, the longer black hair on top of his head fell into his blacked out eyes.  It would’ve been hot as fuck if Hillary wasn’t terrified to the bone.


“I asked you for a midnight snack,” he growled, the animal inside of him polluting his words.  “You brought me PB&J.  PB&J is for children.” His nose pressed into hers and his breath fanned against her lips.  “Do I look like a child to you?”


Hillary struggled to shake her head.  Something really weird was going on because right now her stupid, stupid, epically fucking stupid wolf was rolling onto her back and reveling in the Alpha’s treatment of her.  She felt her sex moisten.  She pinched her eyes closed and prayed he didn’t scent her arousal.


“Open.  Your.  Eyes.”


She couldn’t deny the lash of authority as it cracked over her and had her doing as he commanded.  The dove-gray color of her eyes locked on his and she watched his nostrils flare.


No, no, no, no, no!


Modess jerked back a fraction and his frown faltered a moment.  Then a slow, lethal smile took his lips.  “I like your idea better.”


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