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“You sneaky fuck!”  The words came out on a sob that she tried to control.  She’d been betrayed!


“Eden,” Monroe took a step toward her, but she backed up just as quickly.  His tone grew angry.  “I did nothing wrong!”


“Are you certain?”  Her eyes glittered with undisguised fury as it fought to the fore.  “Because, I’m still moved by the whole ‘eat a bullet before every using or lying to you’ thing!”


Her anger and pain were so great that King, Leto, and Bishop fidgeted nervously beside Monroe’s desk, wanting to leave the room.  Walker men hated the scent of pain and tears, especially those of a woman, child, or Angel, and especially when steps could have been taken to avoid causing them.


“Eden, I…”


“NO!”  She held up a shaky hand and then used it to swipe quickly at the tears that slipped free.  She was so hurt and betrayed that fury came swiftly and had her trembling with the need to hit something.  “You. Are. Not. Going to try to explain this away.  You’re not going to fucking lie to me!”  Her eyes narrowed on him and she crossed the office quickly to poke him in the chest, hard, as all three of his Sentries took a step back.  “You are going to fix this!”


He sighed in frustrated resignation.  This wasn’t what he’d wanted.  He had expected her anger, but not to this extent.  And worse, the scent of the wound to her soul caused by what she interpreted as his betrayal was fucking killing him.  “It will be done.”


“No!” she barked again.  “You are not going to farm this out to one of the Sentries.  You fucked this up.  You brought…” Her voice broke, and as hard as she was fighting, she nearly lost the struggle to push her emotions aside.  She wanted to cry.  She wanted to scream at him and beg him to undo the pain and betrayal gripping her, but it was too late.  The damage was done, and no matter what, there would be residual consequences forever. 


He’d done the one thing she could never forgive him for; he’d gone behind her back and, with Jenny’s help, he’d found the mothers of her adopted children.  As she’d suspected all along, most of them wanted nothing to do with their kids, except for Peyton’s mother.  She wanted to see the little girl, and Eden knew once she saw the child it would be the first step in the mother’s attempts to reclaim her, to take Eden’s baby away from her.


Dipping her head, she took a moment to draw in steadying breaths.  When Monroe reached for her, she slapped his hands away and sucked back her tears and pain.  When she spoke again, her voice had gone eerily calm, her expression blank.  She stared up at him and, out of her periphery, she swore she saw the three Sentries back up another step.  


“You brought distrust into our home.  Into our family.  You’re going to fix this, Monroe StoneCrow.  You are going to turn around, walk out that fucking door, and fix this right now, because if you don’t…”  She turned to the Sentries.  “Leto, gather my children and have them brought to me.”


Monroe’s heart slammed into the wall of his chest, and he forgot to breathe.  Was she leaving?  Was she taking his children and his heart and walking out on him?  “Angel, don’t.”

She didn’t blink as her stoic gaze found his and she frowned.  “I said now, Monroe.”

Swallowing hard, he curled his hands into tight, white-knuckled fists.  Stepping around her, he stalked out of the room and when King turned to follow him, he was halted by Eden.



Turning, the Chief of Security eyed his Domina.


“He got himself into this,” she explained evenly.  “He’ll get himself out.”


Nodding once, King closed the door after both Leto and Monroe had exited. He didn’t think things could get much worse for Monroe.  He was wrong.


“King, secure me a vehicle.  Bishop, contact Aries.  Tell her I need her.”  Eden spun and stalked to the door leading from the office to her and Monroe’s adjoining suite.  “My children and I are leaving!”


“Eden,” Bishop said, “He didn’t mean to hurt you.  You can’t ask us to do this to him.”


She stilled at the door, her back going rigid as she turned to sneer over her shoulder.  Monroe had warned her of the power her role as his Angel would garner.  She was mated to the Dominant Walker, making her the Domina to all Skin Walkers in their domain.  She would be obeyed!  “I’m not asking.  I’m telling!” 


The door slammed behind Eden as she exited the room and Bishop turned to King.  “I’m all for seeing Monroe suffer, but this is fucking nuts!  We can’t let her go.”


“We can’t stop her,” King ground out as he turned to race to the hall door.  “You get Aries.  Make it look like we’re following Eden’s orders.  I’ll get a detail together.  If she leaves, she’s going to be guarded like she's the fucking queen!”


"Isn’t she?”  Bishop scoffed.

Monroe: Skin Walkers book 7

SKU: 9781491041789
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