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Mason EnemyHunter is a Skin Walker distracted beyond measure.  His treatment of a human female visiting StoneCrow Estates is unforgivable.  Never had he physically harmed a female, until now.  When his efforts at making things right pulls him from his sole-minded purpose of finding his sister, Mason realizes that he’s put his happiness on hold.  That’s about to change.   


Amanda Chandler doesn’t know why Mason attacked her.  Worse, Mason’s guilt over the situation has him turning up every time she turns around.  His insistence at making amends has him doing more for her than any man has done in a long time.  It’s got strange emotions filling her head and a longing tugging at her heart.  But Mason couldn’t have arrived at a worse time.  Still, Amanda can’t seem to shake him or the idea of what if.


*This is book 4 in the Skin Walkers series; however, each book focuses on a different couple and can be read as a standalone.




Canting his head, Mason watched as wisps of black hair with blue undertones that reminded him of midnight licked around Amanda’s face.  The wind was harsh, and she wasn’t wearing a coat, but he couldn’t imagine how she’d manage the feat with the sling that held her injured arm. 


Eyes scanning the tree-line, Mason sought out any evidence that Remy had been here recently.  Someone had been.  With his keen animal eyesight, he picked up large footprints in the snow, but they only skirted the perimeter of Amanda’s property, never coming any closer than a few hundred feet.  Odd.  Why would Remy be spying on his girlfriend?


From what Mason had learned, Amanda and Remy had been dating for four months.  It was an on and off relationship that had turned mostly off lately.  If rumors were true, Amanda intended to end things with Remy.  He smirked at that.  Remy was well known at StoneCrow as a lady’s man, and Mason knew it would be a blow to the Walker Sentry’s ego to be dismissed, especially by a human female.  Maybe that’s why Remy was slinking around.  He was probably trying to find a way back into Ms. Chandler’s heart.


Amanda’s hissed, “Shhhhit,” drew his attention back to her. 


He watched as she used a booted foot and her good arm to pry her axe free from the log she’d failed to split.  Splitting wood would be difficult for a woman in peak physical condition, so watching Amanda struggle at the task knowing it was his fault she was having such a hard time, filled him with guilt.


Eyes locked on Amanda, they narrowed when she cursed some more and then ripped the sling from around her neck.  Gingerly removing it from her injured arm, she tossed the sling into the snow, and then, to Mason’s shock, she gripped the axe handle with both hands. 


Surely, she’s not going to…


A wince claimed her delicate features an instant before she lifted the axe and steadied it in front of her with both hands. 


Son of a bitch!


Mason dove from his branch and shot straight for Amanda, but it was too late.  Before he could get to her, she was swinging the axe up and over her head with a pain-filled grunt.  In a blink and with a jarring thud, the axe buried about six inches into the log and then toppled to the side as Amanda screamed and released the handle.  Falling to her knees, her hand shot up to her injured shoulder and clamped onto it in a white-knuckled grip.  Eyes pinched shut, Amanda Lamaze-breathed through the pain that Mason could scent before he even landed. 


She must have caught his movement because tear-soaked eyes lifted and locked on him, and motherfucker!  This was the second time in a twenty-four hour span that she’d stared at him in clear agony.  Agony he’d caused whether directly or indirectly.


Gliding low, he shifted before he landed.  Clad in dark jeans and a charcoal sweater, he slid on one knee, using a booted foot to slow his momentum until he came to a stop ten feet from Amanda. 


If she was shocked to see him, she didn’t show it.  In fact, when her eyes snapped open, she scowled up at him seemingly annoyed at his sudden arrival.  Shifting from her knees to drop onto her ass, she kicked at the axe near her before glaring up at him.  “What do you want?”


Mason: Skin Walkers book 4

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