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    “NO!” The female screamed, and rushed to stand in front of him.  She held out her hand as if to fend him off.  “He is not challenging you!”

    Barron’s eyes shot from her to the man who’d stopped halfway up the hill.  His anger turned to rage at the coward’s display.  “ALPHA!”  He snarled down the hill.  “Here.”  He pointed to a spot in front of him.  This fucker’s got some explaining to do.  “NOW!” he growled.

    In front of him, the female held out her arms, motioning for the pack to back up.  They did—including the Alpha.  Barron’s gaze sliced to the female.  Why was the pack following her command?

    Her eyes flicked to the side, toward the male he’d presumed was Alpha.  “He’s my Beta.  I am Willa Hutchinson.”  She lifted her chin with confidence.  “I am the Alpha here.”

    The words had his mouth falling open in shock as he eyed the male he’d thought was Alpha, the male who still refused to approach.  His gaze cut between the man and Willa several times before he spoke.  “The fuck you say?”

     Willa’s face reddened and he realized his words could easily be construed as an insult.  Honestly, he was so astonished at their pack dynamics that he was completely dumbfounded.

    He eyed the circle of wolves again.  Can this be right?

     A growl from the female brought  his attention back to her, and he realized it was time to clear the air.  “My brother sent me.  Funny, he thought I’d actually be welcomed.”  He could sense her sudden interest.

    “Who is your brother?”

    He pinned her with dark eyes.  “Evander Kane.”  He was surprised, and a little jealous, to see the warrior woman’s relief at simply hearing Evander’s name.  Her features instantly relaxed and she looked almost…hopeful.


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