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    “What’s wrong with Eleanor?”

    She recognized Delano’s voice and righted herself as she spun and shook her head once hard, eyeing Riss in warning.  “Nothing, Del…Alpha. I’m fine.”  She drew in a deep breath, but it sucked in too quickly. 

    Riss rolled her eyes again.  “She has panic attack thingys.”  She rolled her hand in the air and bent to jerk a jean skirt from beneath another pile.  “It happens all the time. She’ll get over it.”  Then Riss smirked at Eleanor before turning and skipping from the room with her wrinkled and smelly clothes.

    Eleanor peeked up and saw Delano studying her.  “It’s fine,” she shook her head.  “I’m fine.”  She sucked in another too deep breath that still didn’t feel enough to fully inflate her lungs.  It was like she could never catch her breath, no matter how deeply she breathed.  Worse, she hated looking weak in front of him.  “Happens all the time.”  She winked at Delano with a shaky smile then turned her back on him to grab the washing machine again.  “Be done in a minute.”

    One second she was braced against the washing machine and the next she was hoisted off her feet. Delano’s large hands gripped her hips and lifted her before turning her and placing her so she sat on the washing machine facing him.  He insinuated his large body between her knees and pulled her ass to the edge of the machine before pressing his thick chest to hers.

    “Just copy my breathing,” he whispered at her ear.  “Breathe with me.”  He drew in a slow deep breath that pushed their bodies closer together.

    Uhhh… Are you fucking kidding?  How in the hell was she supposed to calm her breathing when he was nestled between her legs, holding her wrapped in his arms, murmuring at her ear?  This was the antithesis of calming her!


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