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    Her head still down, Kya twitched nervously, “I…have no pack.  I am a nomad.”

    “Everyone has a pack.” Briggs bit out, stepping closer to Kya.  In her fear, Kya backed up and quickly stared up at the Beta.  His smoldering honey colored eyes locked on hers.  It didn’t seem fair that a man should be that handsome.  His aquiline nose sat over full lips as his square jaw clenched in impatience.  Jet black hair perfectly matched the fine brows that contorted in pain.  The second their eyes met, Kya felt instantly queasy, and Briggs fell to his knees.  He moaned deep and hard as he clutched his stomach.

    What the…  Kya looked from Briggs to Dell, shock etched in every line of her face.  She wasn’t sure what was happening, but knew with all certainty that she was to blame. 

    To Kya’s astonishment, instead of dropping to his brother’s aide, Dell threw back his head and howled with laughter.  Briggs’ moan turned into a low deep growl as he rested on his hands and knees panting to catch his breath.  Kya backed as far away from the brother’s as the chain locked around her ankle would allow. 

    Dell smiled down at her, “Delightful.  You’re going to be more fun than I ever could have possibly hoped for.”


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