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Sky’s heart felt like it had hardened to stone.  York left her behind.  Her feet shuffled along as she followed several feet behind Fatal, weariness still tugging at her.  She was only vaguely aware of Rohm following not far behind. 


“It’s not too late to change your mind,” Fatal spoke without turning to her.


She peeked looked up, his words drawing her from her self-pity.  “Change my mind about what?”


“Rohm would like to claim you.  A Keeper would never leave his female behind.”


Sky felt compelled to defend York’s actions.  “It wasn’t safe for him to take me.  He’s coming back.”


Fatal chuffed a laugh.  “No Keeper would ever trust another male with their unmarked female.”


Confusion knitted Sky’s brows.  “Unmarked?”


Fatal stopped and Sky almost ran into his back.  He turned to stare down at her.  The ruling Keeper was devastatingly handsome.  His hair was long and impossibly dark, reminding her of a raven’s wing with near blue highlights glinting in the minimal light of the corridor.  His eyes glittered in the darkness.  The color reminded her of York’s, but held none of the softness that her Walker’s eyes held when he looked upon her. High cheek-bones and a square jaw enunciated his masculinity, while his full lips—set in an ever-present  frown—beckoned for attention.  Fatal was handsome, yet Sky was surprised to find no real attraction to the ruling Keeper. 


York!  Her heart squeezed with the desire to be near her Walker.  “What do you mean unmarked?”

Fatal’s eyes dipped to the band around her throat, and she reached up to tentatively finger the gift from York. 


“Your mating is not yet complete.”


“Mating?  Wha…” she didn’t get to finish.


Fatal’s eyes lifted from hers to look over her shoulder.  “Take her. See if you can change her mind.”


Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind and panic consumed her.  “What?  Wait!”  She struggled in Rohm’s hold.  “YOU PROMISED!” she screamed, terrified of finding out how Rohm intended on changing her mind.


“I promised not to touch you.  I promised to care for you.  I am not touching you, and I’m caring for you by giving you the opportunity to accept a male who is better suited to protecting you.  Clearly, these Walkers are weak.”  Fatal stepped closer and lifted his head in haughty arrogance, “Keepers are not!”  He jerked his head toward Rohm. “Take her, but ensure you have her permission before you seed her.” He dipped his eyes back to Sky with a sinister smile.  smile, “That way I will have kept my word.”  Then he turned and stalked down the hall.


Seed her?  Sky wrestled to be free of Rohm’s firm hold as she yelled, “I DO NOT CONSENT!  I’LL NEVER CONSENT!”  When Fatal disappeared into the darkness Sky hissed over her shoulder, “I’ll never be yours!  I belong to York!”  His name came out on a sob as despair filled her.  Would Rohm rape her?  Would York come back?  They should have never trusted Fatal.  They, she scoffed dejectedly.  York had been the one to trust her with the Keepers.  Blame didn’t matter now.  She’d fight to the death before she allowed Rohm or any of Fatal’s Keepers to touch her!

York: Skin Walkers book 9

SKU: 9781499614442
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